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The Cherry on Top: Different Types of Cherries for Your Cocktail Needs

The Cherry on Top: Different Types of Cherries for Your Cocktail Needs

Imagine yourself lounging on the patio of your backyard, surrounded by people you love and sipping a refreshing cocktail. The only thing missing? The perfect garnish. It's easy to overlook the power a good garnish can bring to a drink, especially when it comes to cherries. These little bites bring both sweetness and acidity, balancing out any cocktail. In this post, we will explore different types of cherries and their best pairing cocktails. Let's raise a glass to the cherry on top!

Maraschino Cherries

Maraschino cherries might be the most popular cocktail cherry around. They are sweet, juicy, and firm, which makes them perfect for garnishing a vast array of drinks. A classic maraschino cherry in a Manhattan or a light syrup-drenched one atop a Shirley Temple - they simply work. In fact, you can barely imagine a classic cocktail without one.

Luxardo Cherries

Luxardo has been making maraschino cherries for nearly 200 years. These Italian delights are known for their rich, dark-red color and a unique slightly sweet profile. They are steeped in a thick syrup, which means that even a single cherry provides a powerful punch. Add these to cocktails that would benefit from a slightly sweeter edge, like an Old Fashioned or a Martini.

Rainier Cherries

Rainier cherries are bigger and juicier than the traditional Bing cherries. They are also less tart and have a slightly different flavor profile - a sweet floral taste that reminds many of apricots or peach. These summery fruits are perfect for a sangria, mimosa, or even a boozy lemonade. Their bright yellow skin and red blush will undoubtedly elevate your drink's presentation game.

Morello Cherries

Morello cherries are sour, distinctive, bold and tart. They are ideal for anyone looking to create an extra layer of complexity in their cocktails. Add these cherries to a whiskey sour, a margarita or a caipirinha for added acidity and depth. These cherries are also perfect for a cherry-infused sangria, for those looking to add a sour note to their sweet wine.

Queen Anne Cherries

Queen Anne cherries are miniature, tart, and firm. They often come in jars, which makes them perfect for aging in booze for cocktails. You can easily soak them in brandy or bourbon, and you will have an instant enhancement for any dark spirit-forward cocktail. Add them to your Bloody Mary, a Manhattan, or even a Negroni.

Cherries are not just a nostalgic addition to your favorite drink but also have a serious role in balancing out flavor and acidity. No matter which one you choose, every type of these delicious fruits brings a unique flavor profile to the table. Whether you're looking for a sweet, tangy, or sour kick, there is always a cherry that can enhance your drink experience. So next time you're creating cocktails, don't forget the cherry on top, and experiment with these different types of cherries to create your signature drink.

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