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Reusable Halloween Glass Decals
Reusable Halloween Glass Decals

Reusable Halloween Glass Decals


Add a spooky twist to any cocktail get-together this Halloween with our Reusable Halloween Glass Decals! This set of 12 decals includes 4 unique designs that make it easy to customize and personalize your own spooky collection of drinking glasses. Ideal for getting into the spirit of the season, planning a Halloween-themed party, or just enjoying a fun glass decorating project with your family members.

Unlike traditional Halloween decorations that look great at first but don't last until next year, our reusable decals allow you the flexibility to bring back your favorite designs again and again. Crafted from durable vinyl materials and featuring festive designs our reusable decals never dull or lose their luster. So give your glasses an extra touch of horror this year without worrying about having to replace them in the future! Perfect for your next cocktail shindig - happy sipping!

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