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Convo: Is She Really Confident? Or is She Faking It?

Is she really confident or is she faking it

Having self-confidence is about accepting and trusting yourself…it’s an attitude about your skills and abilities. However, having self-confidence actually has very little to do with our actual abilities. Instead, it’s all about our do we perceive ourselves? And if our perceptions are flawed (as they often can be) can we reverse it?

 Self-confidence is an attitude

In a brief interview, actress/comedian Amy Schumer spoke about confidence and made a statement "fake it till you make it". She was essentially saying that even if you don't feel confident, if you continuously pretend and act like you are, eventually you will become that. It left me wondering, how many of us are faking it?! How often have we witnessed someone in a very stressful situation handle themselves with head held high, voicing their thoughts or opinions, and all seemingly without an ounce of fear? As a nurse, I feel like I witness this on a daily basis in my coworkers. Whether it is in front of a patient or a physician, we have to exude that confidence in our thoughts and actions. However, despite this front, myself and coworkers have admitted that on the inside we didn't necessarily feel as confident as we let on...that it was really all a front. This is just one example however and could be true in so many situations whether it as at work, starting a business, at home, or any given social situation. With so many possible scenarios, and with confidence and self esteem being an issue for so many, is what Amy Schumer suggesting a real possibility? If we continue to fake confidence, can we achieve it?

 I would love to hear thoughts on this! Comment below! Do you think we can 'fake it till we make it'?

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At Bella Fenice, we are here to make you feel confident and beautiful like you always should. However, as a community, we can share thoughts and suggestions to provide each other support and motivation. So let's spark a conversation! You are a beautiful phoenix, and no matter what life throws your way, you got this! 


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