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Fellow Phoenix

Fellow Phoenix

 Meet a fellow phoenix, mom, registered nurse, and creator of Bella Fenice. She believes that together as women we can uplift and support each other, building confidence and self-esteem, that are essential to being happy and successful in life.

Where did your journey begin?

I’ve always struggled with self-esteem…I didn’t have enough confidence in myself or my abilities. My journey to changing this way of thinking began when I became a registered nurse. Graduating from nursing school was a huge accomplishment for me and as I became more immersed in the profession, confidence in my abilities and speaking to others began to blossom.

What inspired you to create Bella Fenice?

My daughters. I could see that they were struggling with their own issues regarding confidence and self-esteem. I didn’t want them to struggle with it for as long as I did. I wanted to build something with them to bring independence, a source of pride and accomplishment.

Do you have any affirmations you live by?

Don’t give up. You can do this. You are worthy.

How has being a mother shifted your perspective of self-esteem and confidence?

For the longest time, being hard on myself felt like something that only I was going through. However, the way I was talking about myself started to become the way my daughters were talking about themselves. I had to start shifting my self perspective and how I talked about myself, to set a better example for my girls.

How do you practice self-love and self acceptance?

Mindfulness. Granted “practice” is key when I say this because it has been a perpetual work in progress! Affirmations, reframing thought patterns, being grateful for the present…these are all things I have been working on to improve how I feel about myself.

What was the best advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t obsess over what other people think.

What advice would you give women today?

Rachel Hollis was talking about leadership when she said “When your light shines brighter, others won’t be harmed by the glare: They’ll be encouraged to become a more luminescent version of themselves”. Believe in yourself…follow your heart and chase your goals…and become that source of inspiration for someone else who needs that boost of self-confidence.

What are your favorite pieces from Bella Fenice?

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